Winter Training Info

Winter Training Information

Information on this page is from Winter of 2020. Please check back later for our 2021 Winter Training Plan.

Winter training is one of the core beliefs of Oshkosh United. We realize that some players are involved in other activities in the winter and we also realize that some players are not in other activities and they want to get some extra touches on the ball. We reserve gym time and activities so players can get extra skill training in the off season. Each age group will have access to free futsal play (sign up below) thanks to our sponsors. In addition, we will also be offering teams the chance to play games or train at the UW-Oshkosh Rec Plex which is the domed turf field that was newly installed at UWO. 


Winter Training Futsal Schedule by Age Group

Please click on the links below to see the dates and times of the free futsal training. The dates and locations are random based upon what we were able to reserve through OASD. We are using Sign Up Genius this year to manage our winter training. You will be able to see what events you have signed up for and you will get a reminder email two days before the event. To ensure we have an optimum playing environment we are capping each futsal training at 20 players. If you register and can no longer make it please cancel the registration by visiting the registration page and clicking on the "Change your sign-up" text. 

Age Group Sign-Up Link (Dates and Times Listed on Sign-Up Genius Link Below)
U8 Boys & Girls Click here
U9/U10 Boys & Girls Click here
U11/U12 Boys (2009 and 2008 birth year teams) Click here
U11/U12 Girls (2009 and 2008 birth year teams) Click here
U13/U14 Boys & Girls (2007 and 2006 birth year teams) Click here
U15+ Boys (2005 - 2002 birth year teams) Click here
U15+ Girls (2004 and 2003 birth years teams) Click here


UWO Rec Plex Camps and Events

We have reserved the UW-Oshkosh Rec Plex (full sized turf field with an inflatable dome over it) for multiple days throughout the winter. Players will have the opportunity to participate in some camps (U11-U14 age groups) or open field (free time to scrimmage for U15+ age groups). Because of the rental fee incurred by reserving the facility we need to charge players to attend Rec Plex events. 

Date Age Groups Registration Link
February 9th, 2020 U8, U9/U10= $10
U11/U12, U13/U14, U15+ = $15
Click here  **scroll through tabs to see the various age groups**
February 22nd U9 - U18 = $10 Click here
March 8th U6/U8 URL, U8/U10 Academy = $10
U11/U12, U13/U14, = $15
Click here
April 4th & 5th

All - Team Scrimmages
U11/U12 Teams = $10/player
U13+ Teams = $15/player

Check TeamSnap in the coming weeks



The following sponsors have contributed to make our quality 2020/21 Winter Training Program possible and free for our families. We thank them for their continued support of Oshkosh United!