Why Oshkosh United

Why Oshkosh United

Soccer players in the Fox Valley have a lot of choices when deciding which soccer club to play for.  At Oshkosh United, we are constantly striving to be the best choice!

Our greatest strength is our coaching staff and the leadership they provide!  Oshkosh United has several highly licensed coaches that have extensive coaching experience.  Several United coaches have college playing experience, high school coaching experience, and college coaching experience.  Our club has a Director of Coaching and Director of Player Development that provides a roadmap (curriculum, developmental guidelines) for the coaches to follow to ensure equity from team to team and appropriate player development.

No other club in the Fox Valley has coaches with more experience or higher licenses.  Check out the "Oshkosh United Difference" below for more information and contact us if you have any questions!


The Oshkosh United Difference

A soccer player has several options to choose from when selecting a club to play for.  We at Oshkosh United feel we provide the best soccer experience in the Oshkosh area and the Fox Valley!  We provide high quality coaching at a fraction of the cost you would pay for similar coaching at a different club.  Below are a few of the points we feel make our club special!

1) Coaching: Any competitive soccer coach must attend coaching licensure classes through the WI Youth Soccer Association.  The minimum license required is an "E" license.  Most of our coaches have a "D" license which demonstrates a much higher commitment to coaching. If you are going to play competitive soccer, you might as well have your child join a club where the coaches can teach the players what they need to know to play at a high level. In addition, all of our coaches have played soccer throughout their lives, many at a high level.  While you don't have to have played soccer to be a good coach, it certainly helps! A coach that has played soccer is able to demonstrate skills and typically has insight into the game that a coach that hasn't played doesn't have. Below are a few of our coaches that have been a part of our club for a while and their background.

  • Toby Bares: United States Soccer Federation "National A" License.  WI Soccer Hall of Fame.  WI Youth Soccer Coach of the Year (2017). Coached UW-Oshkosh for 26 years (started the program and built it up to be a national powerhouse) and lead the Titans to the NCAA DIII Final Four several times.  
  • Matt Callahan: United States Soccer Federation "National B" License, US Youth Soccer "National Youth" License, WI Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Head Coach, WI Youth Soccer Coaching Education Instructor, current Oshkosh West boys varsity coach, former assistant coach at UW-Platteville and Ripon College
  • Greg Ruark: National Soccer Coaches Association of America "National Diploma", former college player and assistant coach, Oshkosh West HS Girls Varsity Head Coach
  • Brian Casey: Varsity Coach at Oshkosh North HS, United States Soccer Federation "D" License
  • Erin Coppernoll: United States Soccer Federation "National C" License, UW-Oshkosh Women's Head Coach, college level playing experience
  • Keegan Miller: United States Soccer Federation "A" License, Marian University assistant coach, college leve playing experience
  • Jim Jungwirth: WYSA "D" License, head coach of Oshkosh West Girls Varsity
  • Nicole Palmquist: Head coach of Oshkosh North Girls Varsity, former college player
  • Chris Guido: D Licensed coach, extensive background
  • Jeff Williams: D Licensed coach, former high school coach at Omro High School
  • Natalie Rauchle: D licensed coach, former college soccer player
  • Kevin Koutnik: D licensed coach, Oshkosh North JV coach
  • Nick Klingbeil: D licensed coach
  • Victor Torres: D licensed coach, Neenah JV coach
  • Danielle Flouro, Jaime Anderson, Jordan Knier, Madelyn Runyan, Tony Voulgaris ...all coaches that have college playing experience

2) Successful Teams: Most of our teams compete locally in the East Central Soccer District.  Teams that compete well in East Central and win their division are eligible to apply to enter the WI Youth Soccer state league.  State league teams play throughout the state and face a much higher level of competition.  Oshkosh United has formed several successful state league teams the last several years. Teams that win the state league are able to apply to play in the Midwest Regional League. In 2016 Oshkosh United entered a team into the MRL for the first time (and they won their division). Now Oshkosh United has two MRL teams, a feat that is very rare for a club that is not in the Milwaukee or Madison area. 

3) Size: Oshkosh United has experienced tremendous growth the last several years. Our players benefit from that growth in that we are often able to form multiple teams per age level. Our league has different competition levels so we place our teams in a competition level that best fits that team. Players that don't have enough challenge or are challenged too much typically struggle to develop. By placing players on age appropriate teams that meet the ability of the players, the players have the best opportunity to develop and have a great experience. 

4) Youth Programs: Oshkosh United can provide soccer for players of all ages. In 2016 United started a Rec program for 6U and 8U players that follows US Youth Soccer guidelines for field sizes and team numbers to maximize player development and enjoyment. Our United Rec League (URL) is the only program in Oshkosh that follows the national recommendations. Oshkosh United has an Academy program for U8 and U10 players that is a bridge between Rec soccer and Select soccer.  

5) Coaching Directors: Oshkosh United is not a collection of teams that happen to wear the same jersey. The soccer side of our club is led by our coaching directors, Matt Callahan and Greg Ruark. Our coaching directors are highly licensed and have extensive coaching experience including college and high school coaching. Matt and Greg provide instruction to the coaches in the form of informational emails, model practice sessions, practice plans, curriculum materials, and more. Having knowledgeable and experienced coaching directors provides direction for the club. 

6) Club Mentality: At Oshkosh United we have a "club" mentality and are not merely a collection of individual teams.   Many teams will train with or next to other teams from the same age group for the weeknight practice as well which makes carpooling convenient. In addition to playing soccer, our club facilitates may activities off the field such as participating in the Oshkosh Holiday Parade, attending professional soccer games, and more!

7) Fair Try-Out Process: Every year is a fresh start for Oshkosh United players. We use our experienced coaching staff as evaluators for our tryout process and we welcome players from any community to join our club. If you look at our logo, "Oshkosh" is in small print and "United" is in large bold print. Our club is a United group of the best players from the area. To forms teams we use a combination of tryout data as well as feedback from the current coaches of players as a season of play is a much better indicator of a players abilities versus a one or two day tryout. 

8) Great Leadership: Oshkosh United has a very experienced soccer board.  Our board is a great mix of parents that have been involved with the club for years as well as parents of younger players that are just getting involved with Oshkosh United.  The board is committed to providing the best possible experience for our players and parents!

9) Flexibility: Oshkosh United provides a very flexible soccer experience.  Depending upon the age group, most younger age groups have the option of fall and/or spring seasons. The club has created a developmental philosophy that is follwed by all coaches to ensure a flexible and appropriate developmental experience.