Volunteer Forward Info

Volunteer Forward Program

Like most youth sports programs, Oshkosh United relies heavily on volunteers to operate our programs.  Most organizations mandate a set number of hours that each player’s family must volunteer or face a fine. Others let you “opt out” of volunteering by paying a fee up front.  Either way, it is another additional fee over and above the players fees.  At United, we prefer to make volunteering a positive thing. The Volunteer Forward program lets families earn Fee Reduction Vouchers (FRV’s) that can be used to pay player season fees for the next season.


When are FRV's earned and when can they be used?

  • Volunteer in the Fall (Aug-Dec)  =  Receive FRV’s to use the following Spring or Fall
  • Volunteer in the Spring (Jan-July) = Receive FRV’s to use the following Fall or Spring 


Why is there the delay in when we can use the FRV’s? Why can’t we use them right away?

  • It is the Forward part of the Volunteer Forward program, “your good deeds today earn you rewards in the future”
  • Because our season billing goes out at the very beginning of the season and volunteering usually happens mid or end of the season, moving the FRV’s to the next season avoids the costly and time consuming task of issuing refunds  


How does someone earn the FRV’s?

  • Volunteer at a club event, when volunteer opportunities come available, the Volunteer Coordinator will make that known to the club and families will sign up for slots on a first come/first serve basis. Typical events where we need volunteers include:
    • Oshkosh On the Water Tournament
    • Select/Elite Tryouts
    • Academy Registration Days/Host Dates
    • Be a Team Rep
    • Serve on a Committee
    • Serve in one of the club’s Administrative positions
    • Serve on the Board of Directors


Who can earn Fee Reduction Vouchers (FRV’s)?

  • Parents, grandparents, or other adults can earn FRV’s for players by volunteering for the club in various capacities 
  • Players in High School could earn FRV’s for themselves for specific volunteer activities
  • Players 11 and up could earn FRV’s for themselves when working alongside their parent at specific volunteer activities

How much do you earn for Volunteering?

  • For events and other non-specified positions, FRV’s will be earned at the rate of $12.50 per volunteer session, with the target of each session being approximately 1.5 hours (it maybe slightly more or less as dictated by event)
  • Serving on the Board, Team Rep, and various appointed positions or committees will earn a set amount depending on the time requirements of the position


How much can you reduce your fee each year?

  • For players on Select and Elite teams, each player could earn UP TO $150.00 per season of Fee Reduction Vouchers (FRV) for each season. So if your player plays both Fall and Spring you can earn UP TO $300 per year.
  • For players on Academy Teams, each player could earn UP TO $50.00 per season of Fee Reduction Vouchers (FRV) for each season. So if your player plays both Fall and Spring you can earn UP TO $100 per year.


What fees can you use FRV’s for?

  • FRV’s can ONLY be used on Season Fees, so either the Fall or Spring seasons
  • They CANNOT be used for Registration Fees, uniform costs, tournaments or special program fees


How do I keep track of and redeem FRV’s I have earned?

  • The club keeps track of all FRV’s earned and will automatically apply them to your next Season Fees bill
  • We do encourage everyone to keep track of their own FRV’s and compare them to your bill


What happens to the FRV’s we can’t redeem? Like those we earn over the limit or if our child doesn’t make a team the next year, can’t play due to injury, or just takes a year off?

  • Players who earn  FRV’s that exceed the amount they can redeem can:
    • Bank those FRV’s for up to 12 months for future use
    • Donate the FRV’s to another player for the next season
    • Donate the FRV’s cash equivalent to the United Scholarship Fund