Board Info

Board Information

Oshkosh United is governed by an elected board of officers. Listed below are our current board members as well as our board minutes. 


Board Members

  Position Name
Elected President  Jennifer Pacholke
Vice President  Kristopher Karns
Treasurer  Rachel Johnson
Secretary  OPEN
DOC Director of Coaching  Matt Callahan
Coaching Reps Associate Director of Coaching - Elite Teams  Greg Ruark
Associate Director of Coaching - Select Teams  Brian Casey
Technical Director  Toby Bares
  Member at Large  Jenny Ostertag
Member at Large  Karen Behring
Member at Large  Isaiah Tate
Member at Large  Erin Coppernoll
Member at Large  David Irwin
Member at Large  Mac Johnson
Member at Large  Paul Trebiatowski
Member at Large  OPEN
  Additional Positions
  Administrator  Jenny Ostertag
  Tournament Director  Sara Karns
  URL Director  Natalie Rauchle
  Games Commissioner  Brian Casey
  Scholarship Coordinator  Karen Behring
  Volunteer Coordinator  OPEN


Board Meetings

Board meetings are open to the public. If you would like information about upcoming board meetings please visit the "Contact" page and send a communication to the club. 


Board Minutes

Click below to open a copy of our board minutes.